In the Garden

Webster’s defines a garden as a plot of ground where herbs, fruits, flowers, or vegetables are cultivated.  I love being in my garden where I can dig in the dirt and pull weeds, plant seeds and watch them grow.  I enjoy watching God bring about transition from the bare dirt that I expose by raking and digging and turn it into a spot that produces beautiful, healthy plants.  It’s an amazing transformation that he allows me to see as he works through me, and at the same time, grows and teaches me.

I have had the privilege to sit with a few women in the prison, sometimes as a small group leader and sometimes as a life coach.   I find that working with these women is much like gardening.  Each woman is like a little plot of land that God wants to see blossom and produce good fruit.  Some of the plots have a lot of weeds and rocks and pose a real challenge to get to a point where seeds will take root and grow.  Others are already planted and just need some water and fertilizer. All are precious in God’s sight.

As I sit with these ladies and follow God’s lead to help them walk through issues, God shows me my own struggles and uses them to grow me.  I see their anger and He shows me my own.  I sense their sadness and he reveals to me my own.  I see their impatience and he reminds me of my own.

As I work in my garden, I come across problem areas. It’s the same when we work in God’s garden.  We roll up our sleeves and work to bring about change.  We are God’s tools in his garden.  He uses us to cultivate his flowers and produce his fruit.

Scherry Taylor