Volunteer Stories


Lee attended a men’s faith based dorm graduation eight years ago and has been serving there ever since. He enters the prison weekly and shares Christ with the men in the faith based dorm as well as in general population. He teaches class and coaches male inmates on a one on one basis. He is quick to say that it is nothing that he does but it’s the Holy Spirit that changes a man’s life. Because he gives of his time and allows God to use him, Lee says his life also is changed. It takes more than a one time visit to make a difference in an inmate’s life. It takes commitment. You must ask the difficult questions and keep pressing forward even after the inmate leaves prison. Lee continues with the men on the outside, doing just that.

Randy & Sandi

This couple has served prison inmates together for several years. Randy disciples the men and Sandi the women. They both teach a class at their respective prisons. She leads a discipleship group as well. Randy started first and then a few years later Sandi visited prison with another volunteer. At that visit she was incredibly touched and has been serving ever since. Both are active in the aftercare also, continuing to mentor those inmates who graduate and release. The discipleship doesn’t stop once the inmate leaves the dorm. In fact, it is even more crucial that they have those people walking alongside them in general population and especially after they are released into the free world. That’s exactly what Randy and Sandi do. In addition to volunteering with the inmates, Sandi also serves as a volunteer in the God of Hope office.


Five years ago Gary began to teach a class in the faith based dorm to help men find freedom in Christ. He leads them to recognize their addictions, reconcile relationships, and face their demons. They learn to face who they are and what they have done to bring them to the point where they are. He is blessed to be able to watch them learn how to allow Christ to help them move forward. In addition to teaching a class inside the dorm, Gary is involved in bringing the graduates back together for an annual reunion to be encouraged with community and fellowship. He says it’s important to help them build local communities where they can receive support and encouragement from each other and the body of Christ.