Pen Pal Ministry

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them…”  Hebrews 13:3 


The purpose of our Pen Pal ministry is to show the love of Jesus Christ to prison inmates through written correspondence.  Pen Pal volunteers will do this through words of encouragement based on Biblical truth, human connection and a reminder to the inmate that they are loved and valued by Christ.  Further, we want to communicate to prison inmate that Jesus cares about them and that He has not forgotten them during their time in prison.   

A prison inmate in the past said “receiving a letter is like receiving medicine when you are sick!” 

The God of Hope Pen Pal program is for both men and women volunteers. 

We only provide Pen Pals for those inmates who participate in our God of Hope programs in the prisons that we serve in.

Please consider joining us in serving prison inmates through our pen pal program. 

If interested, you may call our office at (512) 891-1649 or email us at to get started. 

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