5 Who Care

On April 19, 2016 seven God of Hope female volunteers were honored as “one” of 5 WHO CARE, an annual effort by KVUE, ABC Home and Commercial Services, and Henna Chevrolet to honor local volunteers who exemplify dedication to those in our community who are in need of attention and assistance.  This lovely reception was held at the Harry Ransom Center on the UT campus.

While watching the evening news, our female dorm participants responded to the call for nominations by sending a heart-felt letter that presented their plight in prison as a fearful  place where one does not expect to find love and hope.  That reality and their own spirits have been transformed by the love and dedication of these seven Christian women who, for seven years, have been visiting the Lockhart prison bringing the truth and love of Jesus Christ.

The exception of viewing seven individuals as one recipient was based on the power of the nomination letter written by one participant and endorsed by comments from 49 others.  As the selection committee read the nomination letter they were moved to tears by the impact of the Christ’s love penetrating such a unique prison situation as The God of Hope Ministries’ faith-based dorm.  The Award Recipients were Kay Benkendorf, Loretta Foster, Patty Horne, Nancy Houston, Carrol Kelly, Sandi Maroney, and Alice Taylor.

In celebration of this award the ministry was allowed to hold a pizza party in the dorm where Board members, staff, volunteers, and dorm participants enjoyed one another’s company and celebrated what God is doing as we partner together in responding to God and His great grace in all of our lives. Thanks to all who make this ministry possible!

Take 3 minutes to watch the segment of the Awards Ceremony in which The God of Hope Ministries honored:


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