Why is the God of Hope Reentry Partnership program being proposed?

For the most part, God of Hope Ministry (GoHM) graduates emerge from GoH dorm programs with a new or reignited relationship with Christ, an experience of safe and nurturing community, and a desire to walk as maturing Christians and productive citizens of their community. In short, they emerge with godly hope for the future (Romans 15:13).

Yet, at the same time, many are scared of what lies before them. They often leave prison without the assurance of housing, employment, a church home, or support from family or Christian community. Clearly, they need help beyond the confines of prison walls to assist them in reintegrating back into society. They need preparation for Reentry!

Who and What

Who will be served, and What will be addressed?

The God of Hope Reentry Partnership (Reentry) will provide additional preparation and support for GoH graduates anticipating release from prison. Reentry will assist graduates in their responsibilities to find safe housing, adequate employment, a Christ-honoring church home, and strong Christian relationships to support them as they face the difficulties of re-integrating into society and walking as mature Christians and productive citizens of their community.

Reentry will guide and support graduates through pre-release planning and preparation and post-release assistance.

Pre-release Planning & Preparation

Prior to release, we prepare them with the specific pre-release curriculum, Getting Ahead while Getting Out, through groups facilitated by trained GoH volunteers.

Post-release Assistance

After release, we come alongside our graduates to help them address their needs. This assistance will be provided along four tracks:

Physical Needs:
Identify available resources for food, clothing, hygiene, safe housing, and access to transportation (at least public transportation). The goal is to establish a permanent home and means of transportation.

Employment Needs:
Assist in finding potential resources for initial employment to provide income for housing and basic physical needs. Here the goal is for the graduate to find a permanent job which provides suitable income using their skills and experience.

Community Needs:
Identify local church partners which will intentionally embrace our graduates in full Christian community. The goal is to establish them in a permanent church home — that is, one which will not only accept and nurture them but will involve them to serve as committed members of that local church.

Support Groups:
GoHM Life Groups for prayer, relational support, and Bible Studies.  These Life Groups will be located in strategic areas of Austin for accessibility by our graduates.  The goal is to provide an immediate community for those who have experienced our dorm life and our pre-release preparation so that they can build social and emotional capital in the early months of reentry.

When and Where

When and where will this ministry function?

Please join us in praying for the resources to implement this new program.



How can you help our Reentry process?


Pray for graduates, volunteers, and potential service providers/partners.


Inside the Prison
Volunteer inside the prison to serve as:

  • Facilitator for the Pre-release Preparation curriculum, Getting Ahead while Getting Out
  • Small Group Discipleship leader
  • Life Coach supporting an individual in pre-release preparation in the GoH Dorm

Outside the Prison
Volunteer outside the prison to serve as:

  • Life Group Facilitators who will coordinate Life Groups for released graduates living in the Austin area.
  • Partner Church Coordinator who will recruit local churches to commit to intentionally embrace GoH graduates into the Church community as outlined above.
  • GoH Partnership Coordinator who will build and expand partnerships and resources for employment and housing.


Give financially to underwrite …

  • Training costs for Reentry Facilitators running the Getting Ahead while Getting Out curriculum and post-release Life Groups
  • Workbooks and materials for the Getting Ahead while Getting Out curriculum
  • Financial assistance to our graduates to meet initial physical needs during the first period of reentry and adjustment to life outside the prison
  • Financial assistance to our graduates to meet emergency needs which qualify according to our Reentry criteria and process