Church Involvement

Several local churches have served our men and women by bringing special programs into the prisons. These events give opportunity for the prisoners to have precious contact with the free world and interaction with folks they might not ordinarily rub shoulders with in their own circles. Of real significance has been the impact of visiting with married couples who provide a picture of solid, loving marriages.

A church in the Lockhart area brought a two-day workshop into the Lockhart facility and taught the women about their heritage as daughters of the living King. They were taught to view themselves as princesses who carry themselves with the dignity of such a position and who expect treatment deserving a princess. This was accompanied by music and testimonies. Each participant was awarded a crown!

Austin Ridge Bible Church hosted a Sports Day by generating week-long tournaments in each of the ten Lockhart dorms in chess, scrabble, dominoes, ping pong, and volleyball. The week culminated in the Sports Day where the 80 winners attended a play-off against each other and with those winners playing against the 48 volunteers. Music, a message, a testimony and a delicious lunch and time of visiting followed. This was an extremely popular event and a repeat is anticipated by the inmates.

Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church spent a gratifying Sunday evening in the female dorm when 21 women brought in games and music for the ladies. Game playing was not a part of the childhood of many of our participants and the pleasure, delight, and camaraderie it brings is moving.

Several community groups from Austin Stone Community Church joined together to present an outdoor sporting event for the men of Travis State Jail. The enthusiasm of the church members, the snacks they provided resulted in wonderful opportunities for ministry, encouragement, and fellowship.

Travis State Jail has a visitor center in which family and friends can relax while waiting to visit their loved ones. When this service opportunity was available many of our affiliated churches acted as hosts in the center by providing refreshments, engaging in conversation, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Church involvement gives the prisoners the hope that when they release back into the free world there will be churches not only ready to minister to them while incarcerated but waiting and willing to continue ministering to them by welcoming them into their church families.

We welcome and encourage church participation. Please contact our office to schedule your event!

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