Prison Wide Studies

Apart from the dorm setting we offer courses to those who are housed outside of our dorms. These are open to anyone interested and are held in classrooms. These life skills courses include Anger Management, Quest for Authentic Manhood and Experiencing God.

Anger Management

Healing for the Angry Heart

The roots of anger can be found deep within the hearts of men. However, before hearts can be healed and anger problems resolved, inner conflicts must be recognized and emotional issues must be addressed. Healing for the Angry Heart provides practical, biblical insights to help deal with negative emotions (anger, fear, depression, etc.) that can damage personal relationships and even prove self-destructive.

The course outline includes the following:

  • The power of confession
  • Stopping anger before it gets out of hand- Anger, depression, and fear
  • Constructive and destructive anger
  • Letting it Go
  • Putting it Into Practice
  • And much more

The Quest for Authentic Manhood

The Quest for Authentic Manhood is a 24-week course which gives men a clear and memorable 4-part Biblically based definition of what it means to be a man of God. Each week, participants and their small group leaders watch a DVD in a large group setting and then break out into small groups to discuss the video content. Two examples of the sessions are, “The Four Faces of Manhood” and “25 Ways to Be a Servant Leader.” Throughout the series, participants unpack to understand their past and then assess their present. Finally for accountability, each participant writes a comprehensive 5-part manhood plan to serve as a guide post for the future.

Graduate Ministry

Graduates of our dorms who return to general population housing continue in our ministry. We offer a weekly graduate Bible study and weekly pastoral sessions with our volunteers (Building Pastors), which provide opportunities for graduates to bond, support, and encourage one another.

Worship Services

We also hold regular worship services in our units offering uplifting, God-focused praise, doctrinally sound messages, testimonies, and wholesome fellowship.

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