Serving Opportunities

Volunteer inside Local Prisons

The God of Hope Ministries is operated almost entirely by volunteers. We operate faith-based dorm programs in both men’s and women’s prisons, so we need both men and women volunteers. We have some volunteer opportunities that involve going into the prisons weekly and other opportunities that you can do from home. So whatever your gift or interest, we can undoubtedly find a place for you.


Teachers teach the full dorm of students (24 in the men’s dorm, 50 in the women’s dorm). Each teacher teaches only one class per week. We have 15 class periods each week, at 7am, 9am, and 1pm each weekday, so we need 15 teachers to fully staff a dorm. Our schedule changes weekly.

Small-Group Facilitators

Small group facilitators lead a group of 4 students following a large-group presentation. At present, we use small-group facilitators only in the men’s dorm for the 7am Tuesday “Quest for Authentic Manhood” class. Following a video presentation, we break into 6 groups of 4 students each, so we need 6 small-group facilitators. The facilitators establish a safe, confidential environment in which all students feel comfortable to open up and honestly discuss the application of the Christian principles they’re learning.

Discipleship Group Leaders

Discipleship group leaders lead Christ-centered accountability groups that meet weekly for one to two hours. The discipleship group leader has the flexibility to either pick a curriculum or leave the discussion more free form. The leader coordinates with his group on when to hold these meetings, though they should be held in the early evening, after 5pm and before 9pm for the men or 8pm for the women.

Life Coaches

Life coaches come alongside a selected student to provide spiritual encouragement, friendship, counsel, and accountability. The coach meets weekly for one to two hours with their student. We would love to have a coach for every student in our dorms, but that means 24 coaches in the men’s dorm and 50 coaches in the women’s dorm. We always have openings for coaches.


Apprentices or substitutes assist a regular volunteer, learning from the more experienced volunteer until they’re ready to move into a regular volunteer position themselves. This is a good starting point for people making their initial venture into prison ministry or for those who cannot make a long-term weekly commitment.

If you’d like to visit the prison a few times to see if you feel prison ministry is a fit for you, please call our office at (512) 891-1649 or email us at We will then tell you more about our ministry and start the process. If you do then decide this is where God is calling you, we will guide you through further steps.

Volunteer outside Prison

We have an increasing number of volunteer opportunities that don’t involve going into prison at all—many that could be done from home. Such positions would include:

  • Office Assistance
  • Volunteer Recruiting (contact people who’ve expressed interest)
  • Aftercare Assistance (stay in touch with graduates via letter, email, or phone)
  • Graphic Design
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Special Event Planning
  • Fundraising

Volunteer from Home

We strongly encourage you to consider setting aside a few hours a week to pray for the men and women who are incarcerated. Become a pen-pal and write to inmates and express how much Jesus loves them and has not forsaken them. We all make mistakes in life and sometimes that comes at a cost. Incarcerated men and women need hope and assurance that you and the love of Christ will sustain them through their trial. Please consider making the wise decision to minister and provide help to those men and women today.

Please contact our office at (512) 891-1649 or email us to find out more about these volunteer opportunities and how you might apply for those of interest to you.