Sign-Up Process

Perhaps you have heard about The God of Hope Ministries through searching on the Internet, attending an information event at a local church or conference, or being told about us by one of our Volunteers. Now you want to find out more about volunteering.

Becoming a Volunteer with The God of Hope Ministries involves two major sets of steps – first, investigation by visiting one of our Faith-Based Dorms in a local prison, and, second, formal application to both us (GoHM) and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).


  1. Indicate your interest by sending an email to or by calling us at (512)-891-1649. One of our staff members will respond with a “get to know each other” phone call and tell you about GoHM and the various programs we have both inside and outside the local prisons.
  2. If you are still interested, we will send you a Special Volunteer Application for visiting one of our Faith-Based Dorms in a local prison. When we receive your completed application, we will arrange for you to visit that prison at a mutually convenient time.
  3. At the appointed time of your visit, one of our Volunteers will meet you at the prison entrance and escort you into our Faith-Based Dorm. There you can meet some of the inmates we minister to and observe some of our dorm activities. If your interest continues after that initial visit, you may enter the formal application process.

Formal Application

  1. Complete and submit a Permanent Volunteer Application to TDCJ, either on paper or online. You will also attend a mandatory TDCJ Volunteer Training session of about three hours in length. We will coach you on how it’s done. Several weeks after completing your training, TDCJ will send you a letter informing you if you have been approved as a Permanent Volunteer.
  2. Parallel to your TDCJ application, you will complete and submit our Permanent Volunteer Application which tells us more about yourself, your relationship to Jesus Christ, your desire to serve, and several references which we will call. We will then schedule a 1-on-1 interview for you with one of our staff. If possible, we will also schedule a second “Special Volunteer” prison visit for you to allow you to learn more about our prison programs.
  3. When all the above is completed, you will receive a Volunteer assignment and training to one of our programs which best fits your interests and gifts to our current needs.
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