Serving Inside the Prison

The God of Hope Ministries is operated almost entirely by volunteers. We operate faith-based dorm programs in both men’s and women’s prisons, so we need both men and women volunteers. We have some volunteer opportunities that involve going into the prisons weekly and other opportunities that you can do from home. So, whatever your gift or interest, we can undoubtedly find a place for you.


Teachers teach the full dorm of students (24 in the men’s dorm, 50 in the women’s dorm). Each teacher teaches only one class per week for one to two hours. We have 15 class periods each week, at 7am, 9am, and 1pm each weekday, so we need 15 teachers to fully staff a dorm.

Discipleship Group Leaders

Discipleship group leaders lead Christ-centered accountability groups that meet weekly for one to two hours. The discipleship group leader can meet with their group during the lunch hour, after 4pm or on weekends.

Barnabas/Life Coaches

Life coaches come alongside a selected student to provide spiritual encouragement, friendship, counsel, and accountability. The coach meets weekly for one to two hours with their student. We would love to have a coach for every student in our dorms, but that means 24 coaches in the men’s dorm and 50 coaches in the women’s dorm. We always have openings for coaches.

Role Descriptions

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